the band members

mose davis [organ/voc]
leroy emmanuel [git/voc]
demo cates [sax/voc]
jimmy „junebug“ jackson [dr/voc]
jimmy brown [sax/tp/tb]





some history

after 4 records and due to economical reasons one of the most important funk-groups, THE COUNTS split up. counts-samples stayed hip for the last 30 years, from invention of the hiphop. missy elliott, jay-Z, among others used their material, their musical heritage. 30 years later the same musicians still have fun in music, finally noticed, that there..s big respect in the world for the input they gave to the developement of „black music“.

...after 32 years...
4 original members
mose davis, leroy emmanuel, demo cates, jimmy 'junebug' jackson
meet for one show in atlanta,GA

it's time... for an official reunion !
THE COUNTS will continue in the original line up from ..75 hittin..the world..s stages and releasing the album „coming from the real side“, recorded in 1975, but never came out cause of the band..s split. musicians kept contact to each another for the whole time – „one time a count, all time a count“ - rarely after such a long period of time. A musical philosophy became reality again. They will bring back the magical spirit of „a Counts-live-appearence – a highenergy performance, a remarkable band-sound, a message...